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Monday, March 19, 2012

HERS...girl power in decor! with a feminine had me at hello!
Talented Jacqueline deMontravel...many of you know her as the Editor in Chief of "Romantic Homes" magazine...has just published a wonderful new book on decor...

My pal Donna Norris at Beckett Media sent it to me as a Christmas gift and I have loved every's a peek.

Thanks to Donna for the utterly fab present -- I am addicted to the written word -- but must confess -- I love a book with pretty pictures most of all!
...put this fab decor book on your list. From fab glam to farmhouse funk -- Jacquie's got it covered with images, inspiring text and great tips.

Now I am off for a cuppa and some browsing to boost my creativity!

xxoo Jen O'Connor

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