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Thursday, February 9, 2012

red is for hearts

It's February...Valentines and hearts abound...and Red tops my "Color Chart"!

Red, wonderful red.
Apples and barns and skies before storms. This is red. It has the taste of fall's harvest, the glint of Christmas, and the succulent warmth of summer's cherries. It emblazons each season with its hot brand.

It's cheery red toenails peeking from sandals and lips dressed for their evening out. It's every pair of shoes I've ever loved.

Red is bold in its hunger for acknowledgement, eager to prove, confident and decidedly happy about it. It makes people dance and others cower. It's vibrant, strong and brave. It is most welcome in my home and I dash it about almost recklessly among textures and patterns.

Ahhh, yummy red, brave red, intense's pink's bossy big sister and everywhere in my home. Can you paint the town red? Do redheads have more fun (we'll need to ask Dawn about that!)? Do you love it? Does it have to be in small doses? Do tell the truth and shame that red devil!
How can I help myself from loving it and its hues, from tomato to wine and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates..
...think and dream in your colors!

Look, at Ro and red back in 2008, the color practically belongs to her in this image... do you remember this red letter day Robin and Heidi?
As a color-aholic, I wonder what does this addiction to red mean?
Think about color and its use and color trends from the 1950s through the present day. "Did your mother once cook on an avocado-colored stove?", "Did you embrace beige?", "Did you ever own neon colored socks to coordinate with your Madonna-esque rubber bracelets?"


The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) hosted a fab exhibit a few years ago; it explored artists' works and their color stories and how color entered the mainstream and impacted the new age of commercialism that was born with TV and weaned on POP culture, breakfast cereal, and the exploration of space.
"Midway through the twentieth century, long-held convictions regarding the spiritual truth or scientific validity of particular colors gave way to an excitement about color as a mass-produced and standardized commercial product."
The exhibit explored how some artists abandoned the use of developing their own pigments and reached for cans of pre-fab paint, and what resulted. Food for thought...

xxoo Jen O'Connor

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