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Saturday, October 1, 2011

FOLK it's new and wonderful

Lucky me met Ben Ashby and got to hold his new baby...FOLK my hands at "The Country Living Fair"..I was too busy cooing over his new publication to get the camera and snap a picture of us -- silly me!!

I am thrilled that Ben -- a determined young fan of folk culture, decor and style has launched his own, self-published magazine. This is a fabulous effort, paying tribute to so many of the traditions and the lifestyle he knows and loves...and clearly seeks to celebrate in his work.

And it is a treat if you love the country life, home made things and the hand made life...

We have several copies left of the inaugural issue -- you need one if you don't yet have it... (you will spot some gals and pals in ther you know from the Barn House Boys, Lara Blair Photography, Modern Prairie Girl, Fancy Farm Girl...among others!!)

It's $6.95 + shipping...and available through Earth Angels...(just call me 8-8 NY time (845) 986-8720 or email if you need a copy...)

AND you can pre-order your December issue will be out in a few weeks. In the upcoming issue Earth Angels has been invited to feature a "Holiday Shopping Guide to Folk Art"...and a showcase of some of my fave artists and their work.

Congrats to Ben on the launch of FOLK and here's to many more great issues!!!

xxoo Jen O'Connor

1 comment:

Elma said...

I will take issue 1 please:)

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