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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hip-Hip Hooray "Girl's World" is here!

Congrats to my pal Jennifer Paganelli of Sis-Boom on the much anticipated release of her fab new book... "Girl's World"...

It's a bright and festive new publication that shares "Twenty-One Sewing Projects to Make for Little Girls"...and more eye-candy in colorful hues than I thought possible! I really wish I could sew, if you can, please read on as I can then vicariously live through your aptitude with fabric and needle...

It's $24.95 and you can (and I hope you will if you like to sew for little girls...because I cannot and I wish I could now more than ever) pre-order it from Chronicle is the link to order it and Jennifer's wonderful new notecards and a spiral notebook too...(since I can read and write I might just buy them too...the book I have already ordered to support Jen AND to drool over the picys)

If you are not familiar with Jennifer and her creations, here's a peek at her home and studio from my last visit (and stay tuned... she opens her home to the public once a year for shopping her great original sewn designs and paper follies and I typically share the invite on the blog).

And here is a quick peek at her magic studio...I am hoping to see a piece on her and her studio in Where Women Create at some point...

When she graciously opens here home to share her designs, she often invites and features Earth Angels' artist, painter Barbara Straswer whose work Jennifer's truly loves and has throughout her home.

Now, back to that book I was telling you about...Here's what Jennifer has written about the book:

"We've kept it a secret for so long.. and now is the time to share the joy and excitement! This is the time for Girls World!!
A time to invite our daughters to share in the most sacred of ways..creativity... You will create the most perfect of moments just dreaming of ways to create your very own signature style in your very own girls world. Sis Boom adores children and we are grateful to be a part of your connection to your children. Truly the world is their oyster and they get to imprint their own notion of design. With Girls World, we get to be the message carrier of the generations that go before us. Sis Boom celebrates your world!"

Fine Print on the book notes that it is By Jennifer Paganelli with
Photographs by well recognized photographer Tim's 7-1/2 x 9 in; 176 pp ; 35 color photographs, b/w how-to illustrations throughout, 9 pattern sheets in an attached paper pocket, concealed Wire-O binding, ribbon closure, hardcover... Nuff said!

Great job Jennifer and so very pleased you have published this for us to enjoy...I adore you...gee can you tell why? This gal is a lot of fun...
(and a shout out to Jane Dagmi and a thanks to her for introducing two of the Jen's in her life. You can read Jane on her blog Miss Blogworthy)

More soon
xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels


Jennifer said...

Thank you so much my lady!!!!! Thrilling to be part of your world..huge admirer of you and your peeps!!xoxox Jennifer

Tammy Gilley said...

Oh, don't you just love Jen?! So happy to see her here! Yay!

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