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Monday, February 28, 2011

best in show

My pal Donya definitely gets "best in show" for her amazingly chic beret -- not to mention her fab creations. She was definitiely channeling early 30s starlet and latent flapper chic at the recent New York Gift Fair.

I adore Donya O'Brien, her style and the artistry she shares in her "Metal Monk" creations.

Kathy agreed and could not help but try a few pieces on for the girlie girl fun of it...

Here are some shots of my newest fave designs...all are yummy gorgeous and laden with spring tide notes and lush detailing that calls to mind blooms, warmer climes and a festive yesterday. Made from found and vintage elements, it's tough to choose a favorite.

Donya is a gem to work with and I cannot wait for the new order to arrive... I might get out that beret and play dress up with all the new baubles.

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

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