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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yes - The Creative Connection!!!

Yes we will be at THE CREATIVE CONNECTION EVENT 9/16-9/18 and we hope to see you!!!

We're setting off to be part of this festive and artful gathering in Minneapolis...we'll be there with oodles of talented gals for the inauguration of this event...

Catch us in the handmade market September 16th - 18th...
(there's a sneak peek of the vendor market on the 15th!!!)

Earth Angels Artists in attendance include:
Ashley Carter
Laurie Meseroll
Dara DiMagno
Pat Murphy
Jennifer Murphy
Jill Schwartz

AND a big thanks to Jo Packham and Nancy Soriano for making it all possible...I love that I was there the day they sat down to talk about making a mutual dream a reality...congrats on the partnership ladies and cannot wait to be a part of it all...


xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels


jess said...

Hi Jen,
I came across your blog and love the friendly faces and open format. Too many bloggers remain so anonymous and it makes the nature of blogging even more impersonal than it already is. Kudos. I also want to encourage you to check out our blog for the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship, a non-profit focused on helping artists build a profession out of their artistic skill set.

jess said...

Hi Jen,

I just wanted to remark on the appearance of your blog. I really appreciate the openness with which you present yourself and your organization. Too often bloggers remain anonymous, making an already impersonal act all the more impersonal. Thank you for sharing.

I would also like to share my blog for the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship, I think you will find some great and useful posts, as our organization is all about empowering artists to turn their artistic passion into a professional career. Thanks, and all the best.

Nan said...

I can't wait to see you there!

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