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Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is Goldbug Magic

There is no one more festive, more magical in her work than Ashley Carter. As the reigning monarch and design diva of Goldbug Studio, a business she launched in 2001 to share her sparkly concepts of extravagant embellishments and decorative wonders, her artful confections are made of paper and vintage mixed media. Her collection is a celebration of childhood, imagination and life; each creation is magic...

Here are some of my current aves...I just finished photographing inventory for the website, a sale email and some PR...

As you can see, her recipe combines these small treasures and bits, with whimsical artistry, into the most outrageously wonderful follies!! Her fabulous mix of textures and time periods is pure magic!

Thanks Ash, your work ever astounds be in its folly and sparkle...I cannot wait to be with you at The Creative Connection next month...I know your artful and elaborate confections will make the Earth Angels Artists Showcase stellar!

Stay tined for more about Ashley;s work and new arrivals...AND if you did not receive the NEW and SALE email about Ashley's work...please email me at or call 8-8 NY time (845) 986-8720 and I will send that out to you so that you.'s Shannon with Ashley at the NY Gift Fair...looking forward to that event this week!!!

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels
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