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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun at the Fair

...the artists have been to town...the August edition of the NY International Gift Fair has just closed, but not before I was able to sneak in and catch the new and noteworthy designs from some old friends and to scout some fab new artistic talents that will soon share their artful creations with Earth Angels...

Jo Packham was in town as well, scouring the Fair, spotting the talent, catching the vibe and visiting with friends...Here are some of my fave pics of the day we shared...

Elaine of "AT-CHOO" creates fanciful jewelry and bottles...we've known each other for some time and I was glad to see what's new...Her work will soon be posted to the site -- the Alice Bottle, hand cast silver rings and linen cuffs are my faves. AND, Elaine will be at The Creative Connection Event, so be sure to seek her out if you will attend...(Watch for a post on Elaine soon~~~)

Gal Pal and WWC featured artist, Nicole Heller came along for the day. Here she is with Donya of "Metal Monk"... Donya creates fanciful, textured and oh so divine necklaces and earrings from felt, vintage findings, buttons and more...We expect a special selection of her work in a few weeks...I have a few on my personal wish list! (Watch for a post on Donya soon~~~)

Here's "Elements" creator and artistic genius Jill Schwartz with us...Jill's new work will arrive in October...and I promise you, it will be well worth the wait...the new line is very Jill, but very different in subtle ways, using layers and tonal colorplay to tell its tale.

I adored meeting Rebecca of "Sugarboo"...Our webmaster will soon post her offering to the site and you should get ready for a visual treat of words and style. (Watch for a post on Rebecca soon~~~)

And of course, the diva of sparkle, the queen of glitter, Ashley Carter the talent of "Goldbug Studio" made the day more fun as she ever is prone to do! Crowns donned we took in what was simply, the best, most dynamic most fanciful booth in the show...(Watch for a BLOG post on new work from Ashley soon~~~)

Caramia of "Hotcakes" had a festive selection of new necklaces, bracelets and rungs...I ordered gobs and will share more images soon...thanks to Caramia for the fun and funky creations...

Karin is so LA, an illustrator and design maven, her clothing and leather work really send for news on her uber cool wrist cuffs and a T shirt that transcends its defining title...(Watch for a post on KBDDesigns soon~~~)

It's been two years since we've seen Lynsey Walters at the fair! So fab she was in from Scotland to share her newest creations...I adore Lynsey and her work too...we'll be posting her latest to the site soon!

Wish you all could have been there to take it in!

Stay tuned for posts on what's coming this way from Rebecca at Bugaboo, Elaine at AT-CHOO, Donya of Metal Monk and Kat's KBD well as updates on the new work from Lynsey Walters, Ashley Carter, Caramia Visick and Ashley Carter...

Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels

PS We also spent some great time with Nancy Soriano, but so sorry Nancy, how ever did i miss snapping a picture of ever-chic you? We'll have to remedy that at The Creative Connection Event next month!


drooz studio said...

jenn - hello! Shelly at drooz studio here.. just a quick note to say how much I enjoy reading your posts and keeping up with what you girls are all doing! i have purchased a few items thru EarthAngels -i send many fans your way when people see my Dara Necklace (which complete strangers on teh street are know to stop me about!) or my Jennifer Lanne painting..I sooo hope attend one of your events someday... THX! shell

Ronnie said...

Thanks for sharing! Love Rebecca of Bugaboo's work.

Valeriote Design said...

Looks like a heavenly day!

donya said...

It was so great to meet you & what wonderful fellow artist on your blog---I want all their stuff! :) I love Ashley and her crowns at Goldbug, and have always drooled over Jill @ Elements creations- especially her books. Keeps me on my toes to mkae fabulous new things. That wooden heart has me swooning ....I could go on....

Thanks for being there for all of us craft mavens. xo. Donya

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