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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last Call on our exclusives

I just got off the phone with Debbee...we had another one of our late night conversations and we are cooking up some great plans for her next event with Earth Angels (save the date 12/5 at "Paris to the Moon" in Costa Mesa, CA)

BUT in the meantime, I had to write and give you fair warning. Debbee has asked that I give you a "LAST CALL"...several of our Earth Angels' exclusive editions are almost sold out. Both Debbee and I know that many of you have had these pieces on your wish lists for some time, and now is the time to order; less than 10 of each remain available in the editions.

Debbee truly works hard to bring her creations to life and into the hands of her collectors. Each of Debbee's pieces has a tale to tell, and it never ceases to amaze me that Debbee is so willing to share with us her inspirations, style and stories.

These soon to be gone exclusives are among my most treasured to date...

This is our logo piece, Debbee created this for us when we began to work closely together and Debbee experienced the full spirit and connections among the Earth Angels artists...Our Exclusive Earth Angel - Here she is in all her glory, teddy and cupcake in tow, always ready for a party and those red boots! Pure whimsy and high spirits, Debbee has honored me with a portrait girl, our logo interpreted her fabulous style, thanks Debbee. This was an exclusive edition of 75, about 10”, and only 6 left available...

Debbee created this piece after she played with Charlotte and heard about our fairy mailbox...The Garden Fairy Exclusive – Here is a wonderful Garden Fairy done by Debbee as an Earth Angels Exclusive, pink and regal, she stands guard over all the fairies in the garden with her magic acorn around her neck and pretty bloom and bees in her arms, a sweet and gentle pink with a touch of sparkle (as shown and optional), she was an exclusive edition of 75 just 8 remain available, 16”...

Thanks to you Debbee for the fab pieces...and your wonderful friendship too! see the web page for details on the soon to be gone editions and more exclusive Debbee has done for Earth Angels.

And here are some of my fave pics of Debbee with her pals at her most recent event, The Country Living Fair.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


laurie meseroll said...

No comment, just that I really LOVE Debbee

Anonymous said...

love the logo piece:)How much?elma

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

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