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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Ferry Boat Ball

It really was a night we'll never forget...often these annual gatherings of the Mild Zanie Check Society roar upwards of 100 people -- ...indeed, last year we made merry on all 3 decks of the Yankee Ferry on a sultry summer evening.

This year was something different, a very special gathering, just 23of us...We sat as friends at one long and gloriously adorned table and feasted on lobster, enjoying the wonderful chance to chat with fellow aficionados of Victoria & Richard's design and style.

Charlotte was my date and it didn't take very long for her to pal up with Felix and Wittika -- Victoria and Richard's grandchildren. When they weren't lowering the candy bowl but it's sock festooned pulley, they were doting on Mr. Brown and Pinky, the most seafaring dogs I've ever met.
Victoria and Richard excel at decoration, embellishment and theme --they are masters of design and I adore them and their creations. Their company and design business is now called "Victoria & Richard Emprise" -- most of you know they sold MacKenzie-Childs some time ago and now their designs are available only through Emprise...Their Emprise creations -- are as lush as ever, astoundingly whimsical, exceedingly well made, and of course, festive and full of graphic folly, color play and texture. Victoria says she is really loving the jewelry she's designing -- and I do too!

Here are some images of their floating showroom just off the gangplank, I nabbed a few fun necklaces, a prototype pin and a bracelet for someone special on my Christmas list.

You can read more about Victoria & Richard on their website (stay tuned because they are re-doing it as I type this) website and in Jo's book Where Women Create, as well as in Issue #1 of the magazine. Thanks again to Jo Packham for introducing us and allowing our circles of friends to collide. Click this link to an older blog post showing the Yankee Ferry during the day --
And of course, a big dose of gratitude to our hosts for the magic --it was a wonderful night. We can't wait to visit again soon -- Charlotte and Wittika had the best fun playing in Grand-mere's dressing room! Charlotte has not stopped talking about all the frocks you've made Victoria, the gowns and all the color and texture. (And when she dyes her hair a rainbow of colors, I'll know from whence the inspiration came!)

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Susan Bartolucci said...

What a magical evening.....This I really would like to have attended, but then I would like to attend, I would say, most all the events you share so graciously here. Thank are living proof you can click your heels together and live your dreams. So, great too that you share these wonderful experiences with your children when you are enriched they will be.

Debbee Thibault said...

This was an absolute spectacle Jen. I wish I had been there. I love, love, love, the wonderful whimsy of it all! They never cease to amaze me.
Xs and Os....

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