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Friday, August 7, 2009

Troy Trip - Lanne Gallery

When it was time to pick up the islands Ken and Steph had built for our "currently under renovation" kitchen, I rented a U-Haul, picked up my big sister Roseanna and headed upstate.

Somehow we managed to sneak in a side trip to the Bournebrook Antiques Center in Troy and I cannot wait to go back!

On the second floor, painter Jennifer Lanne has created a gallery among the fabulous furnishings of her friend Stephanie Lloyd.

Just look at these paintings...there are some amazing mixed media creations and works on canvas...Yes, you can contact me for info on these pieces; at this writing all are available...

Seeing Jennifer's work scattered about with such statement pieces got me yearning to move my art around and make room for more...

Here are some other images of the antiques offerings on the first floor, downstairs from the gallery...Jackie, it was great meeting you......I brought those 3 stools home for one of the new islands -- thanks Roseanna for spotting them and Jackie, thanks for the super deal!
The Bournebrook Antique Center and Jennifer's gallery there are open Monday-Saturday, 10 to 5 and Sunday, noon to 5...I so need to plan another day trip! (Kathy are you up for an adventure???)

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

1 comment:

Heather said...

THis gallery looks beautiful! Jennifer's work is so gorgeous..

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