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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Muggle Silliness

Rory really loves Harry Potter. No, I mean really loves. He recites the lines, he says the spells, he's listened to the books on tape, he's watched the movies a bajillion times, and he somehow convinced -- on quite short notice -- a good number of us to dress up for him to celebrate his 4th birthday Hogwarts-style.

We had some Harrys, a Gilderoy, a Ginny, a Luna and yes, Madame Trelawny. Various witches and wizards -- disguised convincingly as muggles...were also present.

Happy Birthday to the aspiring wizard, and thanks to all of you wonderfully silly, and oh so fabulous family members, for making his celebration memorable!

Cheers (with a butter beer of course...)
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Jennifer Hepler said...

Adorable! I am thinking of a Coraline party for my little boy's 2nd birthday. He loves that movie! It looks like a grand time!

Melissa said...

Yes, as you know, we know all about Potter mania. Looks like fun was had by all.
Now if I could only get everyone coming to my house to dress up like that.

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