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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Laurie's Summer Studio

Each summer, painter Laurie Meseroll moves back to Woodstock, NY and ensconces herself among the Catskill Mountains and the town she loves. There, she maintains a small sunny studio in the outbuildings of her family's homestead. But on those days, when the weather is nice, she moves her painting outside and spends the day working on pieces in the shade of her trees.

We made the trip to Woodstock earlier this week to meet fellow Earth Angels artist, potter Jill Wiener, and spent the day with Laurie and her daughters Tasie and Sophie. We watched Laurie paint and shared in the joy of being outdoors.

Here are some of my fave images from our day together...

Laurie and the interior of her summer studio space, along with more images of her painting seminars, will be featured in an upcoming issue of Where Women Create magazine. We'll keep you posted!

Until then, I am taking Laurie's lessons in stride... this post was written al fresco! I am enjoying a summer's afternoon on the porch.

New work from Laurie can be seen on her webpage of our site and will be sent via email to those on her email update list later this week...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Elma said...

LOve the paintings!!! Please e-mail when you get more in:)

Anonymous said...

Jen and Laurie... I am so jealous...I wished I lived closer to you all....Michigan is too far away...The paintings still capture me......I LOVE them! Laurie I am a fan for life. You are great kid!
XOXO letty

Earthgirl Pottery said...

this was a most fun day! got a great visit in with my favorite people and fantastic paintings!

Loretta said...

Are you giving painting seminars in Woodstock?? I'll be happy to drive up from the city1

jenny holiday said...

Laurie's work makes my heart SOOOOO Happy!!! If only I wasn't poor...LOL!! I'd be buying a piece a week!!! LOVE her!!!!

xoxo Jenny

lana said...

How could anyone not create in so peaceful a setting? Thank you for sharing Laurie's summer studio. It's inspiring!

Erica Cooper said...

absolutely love it! I was fortunate enough to take a class from Laurie at last year's Creative Connection. She is just the loveliest and so creative. She taught me to loosen up and not be so 'processed' about my painting process.
I sooo love her outdoor studio. I wish I could see it for myself. I will have to take her inspiration and do some outdoor projects myself this summer.
Thank you for this wonderful post!

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