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Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome Diana!

There’s a new artist at Earth Angels… WELCOME to PAINTER DIANA CARD.
It’s been two years! I have been waiting and hoping that Diana would allow me to sell her work, so this is such a proud and happy day for me! I am utterly thrilled to welcome Diana into the group of artists that I represent. I want to offer my thanks and appreciation to Diana for this wonderful opportunity to work with her, not only as a friend, but from a true respect for her talent.

Diana has painted all her life. She says, “My paintings are really stories told using color and brush instead of words and pen. They begin with real places and people and then my imagination runs free. Trees. Fields. Farms. Lighthouses. The ocean. These are the things I have always loved to paint...and the stories of the people and animals that inhabit such places.”

She’s owned two galleries, two shops and now lives on a farm in New Jersey where she paints scenes that celebrate the beauty in everyday life.

As some of you know, Diana is Mom to another Earth Angels artist, painter Deirdre Friebely....and I am so very proud to work with this talented duo!

Here is the artist at work in the barn where both mother and daughter paint...

Just look at these wonderful scenes she's created oh, so laden with story...

I adore what she captures...Diana works deftly on booth board and canvas in her fabulous and well-recognized style. She paints in acrylics with an oil glaze.

E-mail me to be advised of more arrivals from Diana’s studio and watch for her work at our event this weekend. Again, thanks Diana for the wonderful art and friendship!

Earth Angels


cheryl kuhn said...

How lucky Jen you are to be able to have her as part of Earth Angels. I am so looking forward to meeting her this weekend. I hope she brings pics of her new grandson!!

Diane Duda said...

Congratulations to you both! Wonderful artwork!!!
Hope you (and this new grandma) had a very Happy Mother's DAy. :)


KSedlak said...

I have admired her work since I found her website a while back. It is nice to see that you two are working together.
Congratulations, Diana for becoming and Earth Angel.

Lana said...

I can see why you wanted to add her work to Earth Angels ~ lovely folk art!

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