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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Day to all My Gals

Women are amazing creatures. They give life, then cultivate it. They seek friendships, then care for them until they run deep and true. They create, and then care for and curate the beauty in our surrounds. They nurture, they cajole, and they conjure love from the mystic.

So here's to all the wonderful women in my life...and all they create...from art and friendships to a mean chicken dish and the tea they pour over conversations and cookies immemorial.

And yes, it is Mother's Day...So my most heartfelt wishes to all the Mom's out there to enjoy it.

But many of my friends are not Moms. Some never had the chance and others chose not let's also say...
Happy Women's Day....

And no matter the day, in all those that have passed, and all those yet to be I will say to myself and my girlfriends with a breathy sigh, "I am so glad I am a female!"

Here's to little girls and's to Moms and their deepest hopes for their children...and here's to girl power and the g-spot for art in our souls!

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels


Ginger said...

Happy Mother's day to you as well.
Enjoyed your site so much .Made me smile seeing lot of the crafts you have made.
Enjoy your day my friend i'll be dropping in again soon.

Theresa said...

Happy Mother's day Jen... or as you like to say Happy women's day!!!! :) Let's face it as women we are all care givers to something in our lives... so you're right it's a celebration for all women young and old. :)


Elma said...

Happy Mothers Day Jenn!!!

Melissa said...

Happy Mother's Day Jen! I hope you had an enjoyable day with Micah & the kids.
Loved your post. I feel very fortunate to be able to call you my friend. You are a remarkable woman.

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