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Monday, February 23, 2009

Painterly Teachings

I wish I could paint...this seems to me a photo that should be a painting, you know the one that belongs over a mantle in a stately manor home...

I nabbed this shot of my friend, painter Jennifer Lanne as she sat in the living room of her 1780s farmhouse. I was there with my pal Kathy to work on the "Where Women Create" photo shoot, we had taken a break from photographing the studio (it's located in her barn) to come into the house and warm up.

But, alas I don't all really. And so...I am particularly thrilled to announce that Jennifer will soon teach a class.

Sunday, March 29th
10am - noon
At Schuyler Pond, Saratoga Springs, NY
$120 - All inclusive....materials ...canvas, paint, aprons provided

A light brunch will be provided. Please book your spot soon as space/easels are limited.

Contact Jennifer Lanne to register (518)885-7625 or via email .

What a chance to study with her!

And my oh my, does that girl look at ease in her living room in that glamourous vintage red dress, as she does in her studio in a "kiss my grits" t-shirt!

Issue #3 of "Where Women Create" will feature a 10 page article on Jennifer and her fabulous barn studio. I sure will keep you posted on the WWC news and her latest arrivals via this blog and our email updates.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Jenni said...

Wow. What gorgeous photos of your friend! I'm sooo excited to pick up the third issue of WWC! I can't wait to see her barn studio! It sounds amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!

Theresa said...

As always Jennifer and her paintings are beautiful. I look forward to seeing and reading the third issue of WWC too.... the fact that Jennifer will be in it is a bonus. :)



Dara said...

I just love Jennifer's paintings. I think of her each day when I see her wonderful autumn and pumpkin paintings that grace my kitchen walls!! It will be so exciting to her in the pages of WWC.

Love and Hugs,
Dara said...

Hi darling,just a quick visit to see whats being created before I go back to hospital to have a kidney removed,hope all is well with y'all.xxoo

cheryl kuhn said...

How wonderful for Jennifer to be featured in the magazine. Now her amazing talent will be shared with the whole world!!

Heather said...

that is a beautiful photo! I love WWC. I cant wait for the next issue! So inspiring!~

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