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Sunday, February 22, 2009

jammin' with Anna Mae

For sometime now, Jennifer Lanne has been showing up at my home toting a gift of "Anna Mae's" jam. The jars would appear, and before I could get my fill, the jars would be empty. It seems more than one person in this house is addicted to her fabulous concoctions...

And so, on a recent visit to Jennifer's, my gal pal Kathy and I were brought to the source. Anna Mae's kitchen is just down the road from the Lanne's, and these neighbors could not be more pleased to share Hope City Road.

Her industrial kitchen is a glistening, modern gem tacked onto the back of an older home. There, Anna Mae makes each and every batch by hand, often with her great grandchildren playing nearby in the main house...

She's been winning County Fair prizes for years. Her signature flavors like sour cherry, raspberry currant, rhubarb raspberry, peach, pomegranate and the top secret flavor combination -- "red, white & blue" are served in local restaurants and sent across the country.

They are divine. As you can tell, I am smitten...I love her jam with butter, with cream cheese, over ice cream...I have never had better (and some of you know I worked in the food industry for years...with a not to be named, famous jam maker as a client.)

To become addicted, you can buy her jams, jellies and fruit spreads for $4-$6 at the Ballston Spa and Saratoga farm markets, or save the trip and call or e-mail Anna Mae (518) 885-7356 or ...tell her the Lanne's jam crazy friend sent you.

And... Anna Mae, Jennifer will be by to pick up another case for me!
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Theresa said...

There is nothing better then homemade jam. I use to go strawberry picking every year to make my own with my sister... but now that there is a diabetic in the house those days are over. I may just have to treat myself to one of these fine jams. :)
Thanks for sharing Jen.



Vintagebella ~ Andrea said...

The jam looks yummy no wonder it goes so fast! I made some last summer for the first time and was thrilled, glad to have found your blog today!

Jo James said...

Ooooh! I'm so jealous of your jam-filled adventure!
You've inspired me to have toast for dinner :)

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