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Friday, January 16, 2009

Surfin' Safari

I have to confess, I escaped the cold for 3 days and it was wonderfully restorative. I caught the plane to catch a wave...and found there's nothing like being tossed around in the surf with good friends.

Lori was keen to celebrate her sister Kathy's 35th birthday in some memorable way, so along with Sheb, the 4 of us flew south to a beach house of a pal in Rincon, Puerto Rico. They didn't need the house for the weekend so why not stay there and explore the beaches...

I had no clue that this was surfers' paradise. The waves swarm in morning and afternoon with long boards, short boards, and all manner of wave worshipping riders...It was fabulous to catch a bit of a subculture I knew knowing about beyond Beach Boys songs and B movies.

I talk to everyone (often to the annoyance of my travelling companions -- but not really)so I learned a lot by listening and then watching, we even caught a surf contest at "The Domes"...(the surf spots all have "Crash Boat", "Spanish Wall", "Indicators" and such). What a treat.

I teased the kids that I was in search of Big Z (if you don't know anyone under 7 you will not get this)...and that I might not be home til I mastered the surf.

Thanks Puerto Rico....and thanks Lori, Sheb, and Kathy most of all for the wonderful excuse to celebrate you!

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


sandlalouer said...

Sun and beach with friends!!!What a chance Jen!!

Pam Warden Art said...

Beautiful photos.

Theresa said...

It sounds like you had a great time. :)



The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh how wonderful to get out of the cold and into the warm sun. I miss the ocean, and this post warmed me up. Thanks Jen!

Thea said...

From ski bum to beach bum! For a worker bee you know how to live! I am so glad you did this for yourself! Love, Thea

Melissa said...

Fantastic! I'm glad you got to get away, though I am a little jealous. I haven't been to Puerto Rico in YEARS!


Auretha Callison, Fun Fashion Fairy said...
Hey Jen! I'm finally getting some of these photos online. You are top and center on my blog! I just got started on it and am learning my way around blogger..kindof ;)
That was sooo fun. I want to go back.
Looking at the magazine on your site. Is there any chance I could do some affiliate marketing of the new magazine on my website?
Always looking for new income so I can work from Rincon!!! :)
Thanks for your advice. Look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing your blog on factory tours!!! heee heee Auretha Callison
ps. have you checked out Goddess Leonie??

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