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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

See us in NJ on Sunday!


Earth Angels will be in Hackensack, NJ this weekend showing a variety of our artists' creations at JMK's fabulous "The Doll & Teddy Show" on
Sunday, 11/16 from 10-4 pm...
We'll be there with bells on, with show special pricing on select inventory (including up to 50% off on goodies galore for gifts, to trim your tree or treat yourself...) and best of all...
Artist Nicole Bowen -- the talented creator of "Necessary Excess" -- will be in tow with a merry band of her latest felt and fabric creations...figural boxes, characters, purses and necklaces...
I am so very fond of this show and venue, as well its wonderful promoters, Jesse and Rona Kohler. It was the very first show I ever attended back in 1996 when I first started my business. Unlike so many other "collector shows", the Rothman Center at Hackensack University is a venue that has grown stronger over the years with a die hard following of attendees.
This weekend's show was featured in September's issue of
"Country Living" magazine...For directions...follow this link...

If you are anywhere nearby, I urge you to make the's well worth several hours in the car....and my wonderful customer friend Rosanna from Italy is flying in to attend for the second time!

Don't miss it! Look for Earth Angels in Row "I"....we've got the big booth stuffed with wonderful handmade teddies, art dolls, holiday goodies (yes there will be decorated trees), jewelry and so much more...I'll be there with Cindy, Bob, Allie, Denny, Little Red and Nick...and hope you can stop by to introduce yourself and join the fun...

See you there! xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Lola Enchanted said...

Hello! I just love your blog and ALL of the artists!!!!
They all make my heart sing!

Thea said...

Hi Jen, I think that show was the first show I went to with you and I took care of then "baby" Charlotte. I'm doing everything I can--including working late tonight!--to make it over there on Sunday to Christmas shop and support the arts and the wonderful artists who give us joy. The Mermaid from Kitty B. graces my front hall so I see it with joy in every coming and going. See you Sunday! Thea

Melissa said...

Sounds like fun! Wish I could make it. However, I should be making Jennifer Lanne's show next Saturday.
Talk soon!

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