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Sunday, November 9, 2008

At Stacey's House...

Stacey Bear has a fabulous personal style that comes to life her home. It's filled with her beloved collections of antiques, books, old toys, beaded baskets, sewing notions, and textiles...and her studio, where her artistry -- with it's dark rim or humor -- plays out in her paintings and her artwork she calls her "Momentos".

I have been remiss in not posting these images from my last trip to Stacey's here they are.

I have previously confessed that, if you ever find that I have run away, I am likely to be ensconced on the couch at Stacey's or in her backyard on the giant swing. Her home is one of my very favorite places on the planet.
Ro and I went down for another visit a few weeks back. Stacey, once again, our time with you was magic. Thanks for sharing your home, your heart and your talent. All of the above constantly inspires...

You can meet Stacey at the upcoming show "Friends in Christmas"...join Stacey and her talented friends at Paul Gordon's West Virginia studio for merriness and art...I wish I could be there for the fun...

See Stacey's site for a gallery of previous work or visit her page on our website to see her latest arrivals...including many small ornaments and wee hanging pieces.
Stacey is a really wonderful friend, a fascinating person and her talent tops the charts...

Jen O'Connor

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How is it my house always looks so fabulous in other people's pictures! Maybe because most of the time it's a mess with kid's stuff, dog hair and unfolded laundry. At this moment I can barely move in the studio as I make some new treasures for Friends in Christmas! Thanks Jen for the shout out-
Stacey B

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