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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween and its traditions are taken in joyful stride here in Warwick, NY. Trick or treating starts promptly at dusk. The crowds that will descend upon the doorbells gather en masse on Main Street for their costumed pilgrimage that begins with a rowdy parade.

The parade-goers number several hundred. We assemble across from Village Hall on the grounds of the old meeting house...we walk the length of Main Street to Railroad Green where costumes are judged.

We love this holiday as a family...(with the exception of Micah the most-Warwick-ian among us!) He is softening to our utter dedication to the traditions and the concept of "dress up"...see, he is even wearing his "This is My Halloween Costume" t-shirt I nabbed in Target for 5 bucks last October...

The rest of the family were wayward caterpillar bumps... switching off to each have a turn hauling my great niece aka "the ladybug" or miss Aibhlinn on her first Halloween.... a four generation costume!

...the parade ends and the crowds disperse to fill their bags with candy. A great debate rages in Warwick as to which is the "best" neighborhood to "trick-or-treat" (it is used as a verb in this town like "costume" is in New Orleans). There's Southern Lane, West Street, and Park Avenue...but we vote OAKLAND! Bravo and thanks to the folks of Oakland Court and Welling Avenue who give us our destination each year....The homeowners dress their houses in all things eerie... ghosts fly out of attic windows....dead trees are piled against porches... and then of course there's the "backyard and barn" haunted house...well worth waiting in line to see!

I was some kind of pink flower fairy with wings and weird hair and all pastel and glittery accessories I borrowed from Charlotte who was busy as a Minnie Pirate princess...I loved every minute of it.
We ended our night with a rendezvous for a late chili supper at John and Joanne's. There, the kids counted out their haul of candy loot...the winners and reigning surpise... "Gilligan and his Skipper" (aka Guy and Logan) with Geisha Girl (aka Hayley) close at their heels...

The celebration gets sweeter each year, though I seem to eat less and less candy!
Michelle was with us for the fun last year...and we did miss her this time!
Maybe next year, Michelle?
Hope your day was festive...
xxoo Jen

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