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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat Town

In jolly New England, where the leaves are ablaze,
we take our Halloween traditions quite seriously. And little Warwick, New York settled in 1760 and full of American traditions -- like Halloween itself -- embraces the holiday with all its might.

Michelle joined us from Texas for the festivities to march in the Annual Halloween Parade with the rest of us. About 600 little ones parade down Main Street and through the oldest of the Village's neighborhoods where the homeowners play host to the trick -or- treating fest! (Said with New York accent as one word, very loud, and very fast, " trickatreet".) Homes get "haunted", with shutters asunder and ghosties wavering in and out of garrets...dead trees and bushes are piled on lawns to create an unkempt look of decay and abandonment...

We brazenly weighed our haul of candy as kids, toting the apples in our buckets and bags for nothing else than their weight. The mini "Hershey" bars were the yummiest of goodies, and I loved the old ladies on the block who always gave pennies....and sometimes a nickle. It's the same with my little ones now who can never keep up with their big cousins,
though they try!

The sweet afternoons and evenings of Halloweens past are a treasure to me. I was a City kids and loved the excuse to leave the block, cross the avenue and ring doorbells from school's dismissal until the sun went down.
Those with my little ones, in this little town are sweeter.

....tell me how you celebrated...please email jpegs of you or your kiddies in costume...I'd love to post a gallery of images for all to see.
Trick or Treat


Theresa said...

Happy Halloween Jen!!!! It was a wonderful night with lots of kids banging at the door yelling "Trick or Treat". Now I'm not one to give out candy by the piece but by the handful... so many of them went away with excited smiles... while whispering to their friends on how much they got. I just love seeing their little face alight with Halloween joy. Oh... how I wish I could be a kid again :)

Big Bear Hugs,


PS... Have a great time this weekend... I'm so sorry I'm going to miss yet another gallery opening... I'll be there in February though I promise.

paige said...

love those new england images!! especially the home with the crooked shutters. not quite as fun down here in atlanta!!
thanks for sharing!

RueLynn said...

Love the pictures I think I might have to move there!! Love the costumes!

Diane Duda said...

Boo-tiful photos!!!


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

oh my goodness!!! what a FABULOUS Halloween you had!!! gorgeous pictures!!!! such cuteness!

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