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Saturday, August 9, 2008

That's Amore!

My wonderful friend, my assistant, my neighbor, my Shannon...heading off to college! Sniff Sniff...She will leave Warwick in just a few days to attend the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. She will chart her course as a college student studying photography at this prestigious school -- long recognized for the talent it cultivates.
How lucky are we that we've gotten to watch her grow up next door...All of us will miss her being here every day, but we could not be more proud of her...

We seem to like to celebrate in our neighborhood...So I had to share images of this special theme bash. Her family gave her a wonderful send off...Italian style...and invited the neighbors, relatives and the many friends to feast in honor of her many accomplishments, and the promise of those yet to be.
The Gallo-Intoci family made their own backyard celebration a'la the great San Genarro Festival of Little Italy -- but I think, even better! There were booths with food, a mini carnival midway and prizes for the kids, music, lights…and plenty of pasta, garlic, gold jewelry and big hair!

Here's our host Lisa, Shannon's Mom...Her mile high beehive says it all! Actually, I think it suits you, Miz LiLi.

Dom your food, as ever, tops to charts -- my taste buds adore you! You could have fed 300! Poppy Sal and Uncle Mark -- the booth was perfection, Sally, Big Joe -- the tunes were fab! Lisa, Michelle and Grandma Maria…your girl is a special one...and this party was a great celebration in her honor! I know you worked hard to make it wonderful for all of us there...

Here's the graduate with her parents...

Laurie and kids, Jacob and Sophie joined in the fun. Laurie, the moon hit my eye like a big pizza pie!
Look at that wonderful present...

There were even fresh zeppoles to go with Sophie's pink hair (Tarina would be sooo jealous!).

We all got a little choked up when Shannon gave her talk...

An evening to remember...

Shannon, I simply would not be where I am today in business, and with the kids, without you. It was my great, good fortune to have found you on your roof all those years ago. I am indebted to you and your wonderfully supportive family for sharing in our lives and allowing me and the Earth Angels artists to be such a “bad” influence on you and your creative talents!

And all of you, who have encountered Shannon through Earth Angels, please join me in wishing her all the very best there is to discover in life and the best of luck in her studies...
I am your biggest fan Shan-Banan!
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


jody battaglia said...

Hello and goodbye Shannon,
You have cast a long shadow there in Warwick and your absence will be duly noted. I feel as if I have glimpsed you growing up. I want to wish you well with your new and exciting life in the city. You will probably be teaching by the second semester. Hip-Hip Hooray to you and have lots'o'fun!
Happy snaps,

jennifer lanne said...

I've decided I would only be young again only if I could be Shannon.
To have her confidence, personality and good looks...with the world ahead!
Good Luck Shannon!!!
And could your family adopt me please??
I'll paint for food

Thea said...

Shannon, Have a wonderful time! I know what you mean to Jen because that's what Jen meant to me when my kids were little! Think of it this way--you may be gone for college, but like Jen and me and my now adult kids, you'll be family forever! What a great send off!
Love, Thea

Stacey Bear said...

Hi Shannon,
We are all so proud of you! Adults like myself can feel gratified that the future will be in capable hands when they meet someone like Shannon. I have always been so impressed at the work ethic, intelligence, good manners and wicked sense of humor that Shannon displays.Carson thinks you are awesome too--when it's her turn to head to the big city you can give her some pointers.
Buona fortuna!
Stacey and Carson

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