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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jo Was Here

Jo Packham has surrounded herself with creative women throughout her 30+ year career in publishing, photo styling, crafting and writing. And she just might be one of the most talented, and utterly wonderful, people I know. I am inspired by her hard work, sincere attitude and the competence with which she approaches her projects and achieves her goals.

She first showcased inspiring spaces of creative women (including her own fab studio) in her widely popular hardcover book “Where Women Create”. Since its release in 2005, artful souls have been clamoring for more! Her readers want more inspiring spaces, more creative women’s stories, and more of Jo’s travels and adventures in documenting the glorious cocktail of style, savvy and sheer talent she brews about her. We have sold hundreds of copies of her book at Earth Angels …and it is among my favorite gifts to give artful friends.

To continue and expand upon the glimpses and stories told in her book, November 1st will mark the launch of her current brainchild -- a new magazine called “Where Women Create”. Published in partnership with Stampington, this quarterly publication will be a 144 page visual feast. It will feature artists’ studios and ateliers, along with the home workshops, business suites, and a bevy of glorious venues in which women create their art (not just visual art but performing arts and the fine art of business too!)

I am honored that Jo will include 12 pages on the Earth Angels Secret Lab in her premier issue along with several Earth Angels artists’ spaces in issues to follow! I'm including some images of the lab as it looked when she visited...

Jo feels strongly that sharing the spaces and studios of inspiring women is meaningful to artful souls among us who draw strength and inspiration form kindred spirits. Bravo Jo! I agree! Amazingly, Jo is traveling this country and others to personally attend every photo shoot…

 we are goofing in the lab. Can you tell we just didn’t have any fun during the shoot…?
Earth Angels will stock this magazine and …rumor has it...Jo will have a special subscription offer that will offer so much more than 4 magazines a year There will be insider goodies, events and special products. The moniker of this little band if insiders is “The Silver Suitcase Society”…stay tuned for more details and email me your name and contact info if you’d like to be on Jo’s mailing list for this group and/or you’d like charter subscription info. I have already told Jo to, “Sign me up!”

Thanks to Jo for the creative muscle and elbow grease to take on this ingenuous project. The depth of my excitement cannot quire be expressed.

Xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


jennifer lanne said...

Best wishes to Jo!
She is the most Fab-Amazing woman.
So dedicated and hard-working.
And the fact that she is spotlighting artist's studios and lives... Wow that makes her even more hip and dreamy!
Thanks for everything JO!!

Theresa said...

Sign me up!!! Jo's new magazine sounds wonderful and I love the spaces she's shown in her book!!! I'm so glad Earth Angels got picked for a photo shoot... you have such a great eye for detail Jen...I'm not surprised she picked you. :) Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


magda said...

that's fabulous news!
"where women create" is a favorite book of mine. when i had to pack u my studio last year, it really helped me to stay positive and imagine another great spot to work in.
can't wait for see your lab on the pages of the premier issue.
you're a rock-star.

Prairie Primitives Folkart said...

yes, yes, yes!!! i LOVE this book and i'm sure the magazine will be even better! what could be more exciting than a continual feast of other creative nests?! i'll email you to be sure i get on this list! :-)


cuteartworld said...

It all sounds interesting I will have to get an issue for my self and check it out. Jen how do we get more information on how to become an Artist on Earth Angels?

jill earthgirl said...

I can't wait to see the first issue. I know it will be terrific because Jo is at the helm and the subject matter- one of my favorite places. When i think of Jo the first thing that happens is her laugh starts to ring in my memory, is Jo short for Joy?

jody battaglia said...

I am packing my silver suitcase and I am ready to run away with Jo and her friends. I am eager to hear of her adventures. She leads a charmed life indeed, if she can go exploring to the colorful lands of creatvity. Jo's heart is as warm as her smile. I am looking forward to peeking in the keyholes of fun making women.
Happy glossy pages,

Jennifer Paganelli said...

what an incredible duo feel so grateful to get to know both you and Jo it's a privledge..much love, Jennifer

Linda Crispell said...

Sounds wonderful! Please add my name.

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