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Friday, August 1, 2008

Seeing Dots

Jill Wiener is seeing dots...A fabulous new grouping of her work has arrived and it is mighty spotty!

Fabulously functional and laden with charming detail, Jill’s pieces are pure delight. With deep, delicious glazes and striking forms, they are a perfect marriage of function and whimsy.

Jill works in unexpected color combinations and festive forms. All Earth Girl Pottery is hand-thrown on a wheel in Jill’s Sullivan Country, NY barn/studio. You can visit if you are in the area...

She is as delightful as her work, smart and sassy, with a great sense of humor!

Jill has also just introduced a new line of necklaces and belts…all are delish….

Here is wearable art at it's best...

E-mail for images and in the meantime, think happy, polka dotty, and oh, so Earth Girl thoughts...

(Jane E., this post is for you, I cannot get you and Madge off my mind...please everyone send good thoughts towards Yuma).

Jill, I cannot wait for our Annual Pottery Playdate with the kids in August.
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Anonymous said...

Jill Wiener's work is totally charming and captivating. Just looking at the photos uplifts the spirits -- I can't wait to buy some of her dotty pottery to have see at home 24/7.

Love her new jewelry and belt buckles. Too bad that I'm too plump to ever wear belts. But the necklaces, wow!

Theresa said...

Yes, I agree Jill's pottery does lift ones spirits and makes one smile. It's so fun and happy. :)



Anonymous said...

The necklace with all the woodland creatures is absolutely divine. That owl has the cutest little face and the retro feel of it all, would compliment and denim ensemble.

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