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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Confess A Mess!

I am back from a week away - it was wonderfully refreshing. A great chance to re-charge and re-group (I will BLOG on our trip soon)...
BUT! I have realized...
Summer is slipping by and my "summer projects" for the house have only just begun!
I must confess, I am a mess with half-started clean-ups and sort-outs about. Though well intended and not lacking in motivation, I need to allocate some serious time to resolving this! Help!

What's on the list: tackle the storage issues in the garage, re-paint the mudroom (it's too dark) and make the new laundry room work better, more efficiently, etc. WHEW...!

I started today by sorting, purging, donating and generally letting go of some of the played out toys, out sized snow boots, worn out this and that. The wall above had a pathetic shelf of and it's contents are "gone"...hooray!
You're right, it's a small start, but it might just grant me a tiny foothold in the looming wilderness of chores, and confidence enough to face "the closets"
I will report back soon with some images and my progress...let's say in 2 weeks. And, really, I cannot show too many "before" images; they are too revealing of the utter chaos I am confronting. When you find the phone in the laundry basket and the tape in the cat food, you know things have gone too far!
And so BLOGland pals...Wish me luck. I am equipped with a pile of bins from "Target"...and I am armed with imagination and grit!
xxoo Jen


Theresa said...

Been there and done that a million times. I do love an organized space... it takes so much work though. I wish you good luck my friend. :)



Melissa said...

I have the utmost faith in you...especially after you worked your magic in my house.
Good luck!

Thea said...

You've inspired me to keep at my clean out/clean up here in Jersey City, Jen. Love, Thea

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