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Monday, May 5, 2008

Snow in May

....could it be? Snow in sweet, fragrant May?

The pear tree's petals drifted on the deck. And, the wind made merry swirls.

I am not the Mom that is "very good" about having my children photographed. Indeed, we have never "sat" for a porofessional image and, I've never even wandered into one of those "studio" places in the mall that seem to promise you great and adorable memories. (...0f course I would actually have to go to the mall for that to happen and, there are no malls in Warwick. Besides, I prefer my monthly trip to "Target" and garage sales to "malls" persay...)

Anyway...I think these pictures are among my favorites...spotaneous, jubilant and oh so happy.
Enjoy your day and whatever the wind brings with it...

xxoo Jen ....Earth Angels


Theresa said...

What lovely pictures of your three little ones. :)



paige said...

precious & full of great joy
ps- love jennifer's huge mermaid from the newletter--wow!

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