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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

BEFORE - secret lab


...this is not a post full of pretty pictures...this is the BEFORE POST to share with you the evolution of a fabulous space taking shape!

Like a fuzzy, half-remembered sweet dream come true, the “Secret Lab” exists! Named by my niece Loretta when she helped me move gobs of stuff into the newly constructed space last winter, this is becoming the work space of my dreams. You are right, it doesn't look like much in these "before" images -- but just you wait and see!
And not only is it starting to look pretty darn cute, it is actually a functional, and “designated", workspace!
Here it is when we first moved in..WHAT A MESS! And just look at all those lamp shades!
I gave birth to this business in 1996, I dabbled for 4 years and then went full steam in 2000…For 8 years I have juggled the paperwork, the creations, and the packaging from some weird command center with booby trapped drawers, falling over boxes, and mind-numbing organizational challenges…and yet, through all this the business has grown…and grown…and has grown some more….It outgrew the house, the dining room table, the kitchen counters and the basement!

There were shelves of treasures, stashes in the closets, there was art and inventory everywhere! But no more! Ahhhhh...

Sunny and happy the boxes are getting emptied into fun and funky vignettes. I love being able to immediately display the art as it arrives from the artists studio, absorb what's most wonderful about it, and most of all, see it in a setting with other handmade creations...

I am using tons of my vintage and antique props...

Pinch Me! It's real, actual, functional and, might I add, pretty darn cute, s-p-a-c-e! I am looking froward to sharing images of the finished place, but first, I have to thank some of the folks who've made this happen...

Kathy Nuttall gal pal extraordinaire…she has opened, re-wrapped, tagged, un-tagged, typed and retyped and generally been a fabulous support as we readied the space…you will see her at the gallery... please tell her THANKS for making it all possible…

Robert Knebel…our contractor and friend. He has imagination and a big heart…Here he is, ever the man that can actually multi-task. I knew he was the one for us when he came in our front door and noted the round rug we cut to fit the stairs and loved the art on the stairwell…this is one of the many projects he has taken on for us with his team of craftspeople…

Jill Wiener – her with Jane Gyulavary – ever the cheerleader for all the artists – here she is yet again infusing an ordinary day with her festive cupcake nature!
And of course a BIG THANKS TO MICHELLE! She's got the muscle and the hustle that got me going and, she provides the inspiration and support to see me through!

Now, this is just a BEFORE sneak peek….wait til you see the after…we’ve done gobs more since these images were taken weeks ago and I promise a post on the AFTER soon.

Now, I am back to work…
Oh-Ah to the Secret Lab!

Xxoo Jen O’Connor
Earth Angels


KSedlak said...

I love your posts. They are so fun and inspirational to read. I like your room that your working on and look forward to the finishing touches.
Congratulations, on your business
and how it's been growing and growing and growing some more.
Your doing a wonderful job and I enjoy doing business with you.

Theresa said...

Jen the new space looks wonderful!!! I can't wait to see the after pictures.... now that you've teased us all with before pictures. :)



diane allison-stroud said...

oh my.... what a wonderful sneek peak! i was ahhhing at each picture seeing so many "must haves"! how wonderful to be surrounded by such wonderful beautiful pieces... lucky you!

katydid said...

I must confess that I so enjoy being a part of this wonderful adventure. Your creativity, enthusiasm and unending energy are so inspiring. The Secret Lab is a magical and "sparkly" place that anyone with a love for all things whimsical and lovely would like to visit! Thanks for including me. xoxo Kath

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