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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Winning Style

Some fabulous press for our pals and Earth Angels artists...
Congrats go to Gianna Majzler and her business partners, the dynamic brother and sister duo, Danyel Montecinos and Darren Calkin....on the exquisite spread in the month's "HOME Companion" magazine.
(see pages 80-87 of the December 2007 issue)

...your home is dreamy and the perfect setting to feature the deliciously appointed paper products, games and follies of F.G. & Co.
I find them utterly irresistible myself and have them tucked about my home, and stashed for impromptu gift giving...

The images above were taken at the NY International Gift Fair...the F.G.&Co. booth was a feast for the eyes...Laurie and I could barely tear ourselves away and had great fun picking out the delicacies to feature on the site...

In celebration of your article in Mary Engelbreit's magazine... all orders for your creations will include free shipping, if this blog is mentioned. How can I resist promoting your work? It's wonderfully festive, and makes for fabulous treats to share and to keep.
Once again, Bravo on a fabulous spread...
ciao for now
xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you earth angels look like you have the best of times doing all of the things you do,your homes all look not only wonderfully furnished,but cosy and friendly, I wish I lived in America so that I could really join this group of friends ,you look like you have the best time, and you are ALL so talented, keep going as i love reading about all the things you get up to, hugs from Pam in cold Portsmouth U.K.

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