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Friday, November 16, 2007

Room Re-Do...BEFORE

I seem to thrive with an overflowing, platter-sized plateful of projects…I am forever re-decorating, re-doing and moving this and that about…I recently shared the hallway re-do spawned by the our purchase of a fabulous painting of Jennifer Lanne’s (see "Platter Serves Up Re-Do") .

Well I am at it again! The current project at-hand is to move my daughter Charlotte, soon to be 5 years, into her brothers’ old room. The boys have just moved into the new room we had built for them this summer as part of the renovations (more on that soon!).

Charlotte has outgrown the petite 8x9 room that she’s slept in since she was a baby; her beloved dollies and playthings are bursting from every nook. She and her treasures have been ensconced in a backdrop of pink and green. It’s been plucky and cheery and oh, so little girl. But, she has recently announced a penchant, nay a passion, for lavender and sky blue and so it begins…

One gallon of Benjamin Moore’s “French Heirloom”, a delightfully innocuous purple "bleu" that I think I can look at forever, or at least until the re-do bug bites again…more of Mannington “Butterscotch Hickory” on order….a lavender crystal lamp scored for $39 at Home Goods, which my Dad tediously rewired as a ceiling fixture…and my own brass bed (I was given this bed on my 3rd birthday then just refurbished by the ultimate fixer-upper, my Dad…he resuscitated this beauty from layers of paint after hauling it out of my Aunt Townley’s family home on Long Island.)
I am adding some frothy vintage Swiss dotted chiffon curtains that were stashed in one of my attic’s famous boxes of “just in case, cannot throw away” textiles, and I am starting to pull some color-friendly objects from about the house that we’ll mix in with Charlotte’s own treasures.

More on this re-do soon! The floor is to be delivered on the 23rd….and so I ask myself, “Why am I adding this to the never ending “to-do” list just as the holidays approach???” …sigh…but, I cannot wait to see the results… and I promise to share them.

Chat soon
Earth Angels


Christine LeFever said...

Lucille Ball once said that if you want to get something done,and need help, ask a busy person to help, because busy people get things done. You can take on any urge Jen for you fill your life with wonderful endeavors.Stay busy and happy!

Charlotte is a very lucky little lady. I look forward to seeing it when it's all done.


Debbie Miller said...

oooh, I just found your great blog, now I'm going to have to check back to see the results!!

mosaic queen said...

Chartlotte?? That was my grandmother's name. She is why I do what I do. I include a heart in each and every mosaic that I create. The heart has a "M" for my name, Michelle and a star "*" for my grandmother Charlotte who I know is always with me.

Theresa said...

The new room sounds like it's going to be fab can't wait to see photos when you've got it all finished.


Lana said...

What a beautiful girly-girl room it will be! It sounds fun and frivolous and whimsical ~ just perfect for a little girl!

KSedlak said...

Jen, Your ideas are wonderful and I think Charlotte is a very lucky little girl.
I remember when my mom redid our room and had wall to wall carpet put in.
It felt so good getting out of bed in the morning and stepping on the soft plush carpet.
Have fun and I look forward to more pictures later.


Anonymous said...

Love everything and such inspiration for my creative endeavors!

Diane Duda said...

I just painted a pink and green frog ballerina complete with vintage text leotard and tutu that would have looked so cute in her before room.
Oh well. :(

The new scheme sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see the results.

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