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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stepping Out...Halloween & Vine

've been waiting so patiently for images and news from
Halloween & Vine...and yet, I ask you to stay-tuned...

My gal pal Jane Dagmi, Editor-in-Chief at Country Living will have me as her "guest blogger" next week. I am thrilled.

So, here's a peek at the room layout and a few images...many more to follow at the Country Living site next week! Thanks to the editors of my favorite magazine for the fab opportunity to share
this festive event with their readership.

So here I am above trying to get the shot, show you to ropes and garner some attention for the fabulous vintage and
artistic treasures inside that hall!
Thanks, too go to Scott Smith, Christy Silacci and Ginny Bertoune, the event's fearless promoters.... for making it all happen... and to Loren my photographer and his lovely assistant, Bonnie...
for taking on the challenges of friendship with me!

I looking forward to sharing a full post with you via
... Jane's Blog ...
and will do a simultaneous post here so you can click on the link and enjoy gobs of photographs of the art and artists. might want to tune into Jane's musings in the meantime...
she has a great eye and a wonderful appetite for learning...

chat soon
xxoo Jen O'Connor

1 comment:

Johanna Parker said...

Hi Jen....
I'm sending a big THANKS to you for taking so many fun and memorable pics! I always get wrapped up in the event and forget to take pics and then wish I had done so later.... I can't wait to see more!.....It was good to see you :)

Happy Halloween!

~ Johanna

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