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Friday, October 12, 2007

Gallery Door Swings

Thanks to all of you for making the Jennifer Lanne and Jill Wiener “Bounty” exhibit a huge success at The Country Life Gallery here in Warwick, New York. Your support of our new adventure and patronage of the show is much appreciated! The response to the Jennifer's paintings and Jill's EarthGirl pottery was simply stellar…
and the show was close to a sell-out.

To continue the excitement of the space...

An interim exhibit has been installed full of juicy color and bold, graphic style. You are invited to stop by today through October 26th to enjoy the new offerings... Diane Allison Stroud’s Gameboards and the original paintings of Deirdre Friebely's “Blackbird Designs”

Deirdre’s whimsical original paintings vary in size from a diminutive 6”x6” to 20”x36”, prices range from $40-$285.
They are accompanied by a showcase of Diane Allison-Stroud's gameboards which vary in size from10x19 to 19x28 and $160-$240. Diane was recently inducted into the "Country Living Artisans' Guild" and is well-recognized for her woodworking skills and artistry.

Our next exhibit will open on Friday November 2nd.
“Beneath the Willows” will feature the original mixed media paintings of Laurie Meseroll and the assembled 3-D art collages of Cheryl Kuhn’s “small stories studio”.
The reception will be held on November 3rd from 2-7 …details to follow.

Hope to see you there!
xxoo Jen O'Connor


KSedlak said...

Jen, It looks like it will be a wonderful show. Oh, how I wish I could be there for all the fun.
Best wishes for all of you.

Diane Duda said...

Congratulations to Diane and Deidre! It all looks great!
Please be sure to post lots of photos for those of us who can't be there.


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