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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I am hot for this funky town where cool stores abound and even veteran antiquers and jaded shoppers can hunt up bargains
and undiscovered glories.
I was in Petaluma with artist pals Laurie Meseroll, Bonnie Taylor Talbot, Nicky Bowen and Magda Trzaski for the annual Halloween & Vine show
(more on this event later this week)
...but we made time to adventure in Sonoma County....

My new love and treasured find…
the semi-annual “Petaluma Antique Faire”.
It has rocked Fourth and Kentucky Streets for 20 years. Hosted by the Downtown Association on the last weekend of April and September, it is a happening! Indeed, the market was so laden with temptations I was ready to rent a truck and drive home.
No, really…I boarded the plane back to New York toting a bubble gum machine (how could I leave it…with it’s fab pink paint) a 1920s folk art birdhouse, and a crate of monogrammed silver-plate utensils that cost a mere 50 cents a piece, but weighed more than my laptop.
Thanks to Bonnie and Loren for shipping the rest of my stuff!

My calendar has been marked for the Spring Antique Faire which coincides with “Butter & Egg Days”. Petaluma is a dairy town and
it promises to strut its stuff...artist friend Christy Silacci, lifetime local, tells me they take their chickens and cows quite seriously.

I would love to see it…I am finding it hard to resist the urge to experience the “Cute Chicks” …most darling baby contest... the “Good Egg” award and the most tempting, the cow chip throwing contest!
….and perhaps I just might get some more of that luscious soup at “Water Street Bistro” or the gnocchi at “Volpi’s”…mmmmm.

xxoo Jen


KSedlak said...

Jen, I envy you right now. Your trip sounds wonderful. I love all the birdhouses and the blue table in the picture too.
I'm so glad you had such a great weekend in California.
Hugs, Karen

jeanetta said...

i drove through petaluma a year or so ago on my way to a wedding in occidental. wish i could have gotten time to look through the stores and such. it looks like a store house of treasures.

Theresa said...

It sure looks like you had a lot of fun ..wish I could have been there with you :)



Holiday Queen said...

Oh you're making me wish that I'd stayed over for the Antique Fair. Oh well...there's always next year. Thanks for the heads up!

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