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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


...Halloween & Vine...

all manner of fabulously themed and hauntingly spectacular creations from an uber talented group of artists ... some the makers of some of my favorite creations and many, many others whose work I look forward to discovering and capturing on film to share in this BLOG.


A big thanks in advance to the folks behind the event...

Scott, Christy, Susan and Ginny... have lured me to California yet again!!!

I'm away until Monday, October 1st...when I shall return laden with stories, images and new ideas... and perhaps, some treaures to add to my ever-growing collection of Halloween folk art and fall follies.

until then xxoo Jen O'Connor


Ulla said...

Have a safe trip to California! Looking forward to seeing your smiling face!!!

paige said...

can't wait to see your treasures & hear the stories.
have fun!

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