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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Surf's Up!

There are those evenings to yourself that are magic...time to think to create, and to dream...wide awake and alert with the entire world waiting for you alone to discover it. These nights, I hop on the web and catch a wave...moving from one site to the next...clicks, currents, time and tide.

Have you ever really caught a wave? Have you ridden one to it's term and tumult, thrown feet over head, your body twisting towards the sand? A quick look back and you see the froth and foam that bore you to the shore. You land and explore the beach as never before, emerging from the sea in a spot you could have never chosen.

I know why they say you "surf" the reminds me of those summer days at Jones Beach and the waves at West End II. There and back again, the ebb and flow of that dark water...losing track of where you just had been.... and moving along....just like the clicks and mood that bring you to the next web's a beautiful thing to ride the tides.

One night, late and quiet, I stumbled across Lisa's website. There was her craft.... light, layered, and perky.... Styled in a way that was completely appealing in texture and color. A rip tide of a current pulled me in for a closer look and decided I needed to get in touch with her and see if we could work together. Then what did the sea of emails bring me in the next few day....oddly enough, an email from Lisa Kaus. Had she been riding that same wave? There we were in the vast sea of cyberspace, reaching out...dare I say "concurrently"!

Lisa sent a batch of art work to Earth Angels, and another, and another and as soon as her creations arrived they were gobbled up. Then, by our special request, she started to bake those cupcakes... we all know I have a "thing" for cupcakes! I am honored that Lisa makes these yummy 6x8 treats for Earth Angels. As well as those house...the tinnies...the art dolls, and those canvases! Yum! We love when the boxes arrive....we love finding collectors for her work, and we cannot wait to see what she does next!

Lisa Kaus creates her paintings, assemblages and sculptures in colors gathered from her garden. They prance across canvases, tin and wood with abandon and evident affection for a box of 64 Crayolas. A delightful depth of texture is evident in her work with her use of multiple mediums. She uses paints, pencils, crayons, oil pastels, ephemera and found objects in her works. Many of her paintings are covered in beeswax which adds a mellowness that is not always visible in photos, but is as delectable as the baker's fondant it resembles. Deliciously colored and textured, her creations are often displayed in festive groupings.

Lisa loves to encourage collectors and customers to have art in their homes. She says, "art loves company, open up your walls.". And I must agree! Original art adds dimension, color and soul... We are thrilled to have such a fabulous selection of Lisa's work...and how lucky are we that Lisa will join us at our 6th Annual Spring Soiree here in Warwick two weeks from today...Along with her collectors, I am excited to meet Lisa and have her join in the fun.
Before she heads east, she is sending us some goodies in advance. We've posted a few to the site and more are shown us if you'd like to know when more creations arrive....the surf's up!
xxoo Jen O'Connor


paige said...

I am a huge fan of Lisa's work. Everything is so cheerful, so fun!
She is a generous & very kind artist. Love to see her new creations!!

jennifer lanne said...

Beautifully put by Jen as always...!!!
I can't wait to see Lisa's work in person...I am so intrigued by this beeswax finish....I'm sure it's even better in person...

Lori said...

I love Lisa's cupcakes too! Esp.the ones with the "bling"!!

Theresa said...

I love Lisa's creativity... her paintings have so much energy and happiness in them. I have to admit I don't own any of her work but I soon hope to rectify that. I remember the first time I saw Lisa's Tinnies in Somerset Studio magazine. I fell in love with them and just had to try to make my own. I ended up creating sixty Tinnies with my older sister for our little sisters bridal shower favors. We had a great time making them.
Thanks Lisa for the great Tinnies and for being a creative genius!!!!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

I'm a big fan of Lisa as well, she is pure magic at creating pieces that you just need to have!

Gorgeous layout, as always!!



mosaic queen said...

Lisa is my Girl!!!!!!!! I Love her and her work to pieces!!!!!!I am very honored to own a couple of her mixed-media pieces and I have my eye on a couple others. She is very generous and is just a doll! Her creativity is the eye candy that I crave!!! She Rocks!!!

Gypsy Purple said...

I love Lisa`s work...these are lovely!!!

Diane Duda said...

Lisa's work is as beautiful is as she is nice. She really has a way with a canvas (and a tin). I love everything she creates.

constance said...

It's really great the way you two met one another! It must have been fate.

You must be getting ready for your Spring Soiree, so I wish you a magical event, beautiful weather and smooth sailing!

diane allison said...

i just love lisa's work....i especially love the "number" work...i'm so attracted to numbers, who knows why, but she must be too...and hers are wonderful to enjoy throughout my day. are such a great writer, when is that book coming out?!

Sam I Am said...

love love love lisa's work.. im forever drooling and wishing i could win the lottery :)

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