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Saturday, April 28, 2007

the bon vivant of poems

There's an airy distance in poetry from the writer to the reader. Poems can lie fallow for decades until they are read and then fall still, yet again, awaiting discovery by an appreciative reader. Cheryl grasps this limbo and propels once stale words into visions of sweet sentiment and heartfelt glories in the vernacular. A true wordsmith, she makes me lust for what was loved yesterday by those now gone.

Like no other, Cheryl sees movement in the static verse, and lends poems full texture and stature in her art. Her "small stories studios" creations make the flat three dimensional...they help forgotten faces to sing and samba, fairies fly, and children chortle once more.

In a fantastically distinct style, Cheryl Kuhn breathes new life into old books, poems and long-ago chanted ditties. Her one-of-a-kind mixed media collages are a wind’s song, lifting prose from dusty pages into our view. She can pluck a poem from obscurity and surround it with texture to highlight the story she sees within. Her signature blend of original old photos and found objects makes each creation captivating. She snips and cuts words, salvaging them from dustbins and shelves where they sat unappreciated since the generation that created them.

I adore that her work begs me to pause and read a short verse and reflect…a wonderfully refreshing bit of lovely in the everyday. We send Cheryl our best wishes for a speedy recovery and a return to good health soon! Thanks to Cheryl for the amazing box of treasures that arrived this week...we know she won't be working for sometime...but we know she will certainly be reading those old books she so loves.

E-mail if you'd like to see her latest creations or read a close-up image of any of the poems her work illuminates....
xxoo Jen O'Connor
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Kathrine said...

As always, Cheryl has out done herself! I am a proud owner of 4 of her beautiful creations. The found items she uses to create her artwork is so imaginative. It's just WOW!

Thanks to Jen for bringing all these wonderful artists work to our attention and within our reach.

As Jen would say,

Diane Duda said...

Those paper hats have got to be the most BEAUTIFUL thing I've even seen!

Cheryl is officially on my "favorite artists" list!

Lori said...

Jen, You know of course that Cheryl is my FAVORITE!!!`Her work is so sweet. I love the mix of old photos, snippets of verse, and little "bits" that she uses to create her treasures.
And best of all, Cheryl is THE sweetest person ever!!! She is just truly nice and has the most wonderful sense of humor.
I have been sending prayers her way for a speedy recovery. Thank you for this wonderful tribute to my dear friend.

Theresa said...

I have loved Cheryl's work for several years now. I find her work enchanting and filled with yesteryears magic. I'm so glad you're working with her Jen !!!! Yes, Please add me to your e-mailing list for any updates on Cheryl's work.
I also send my well wishes to Cheryl for a speedy recovery from her surgery.

paige said...

cheryls work is wonderful. i love the composition of old verse especially when placed with a vintage baby pictue. i would love to see more of her work!

Sam I Am said...

Cheryl's work is sooo beautiful! You should warn us tho before entering.. her offerings make me drool!!!!!

constance said...

Cheryl's art is heartfelt and gentle. I like the Fairy poem poem and the little girl very much!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

OOOOOhhh! The first little fairy sitting in that delicate tea cup is the most precious thing!! Cheryl certainly does some beautiful work!

deb said...

Just lovely. The talent you have here is so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing with each of us.

oldflowers4me said...

oh my, this girls work is very fairy like, mmm, beautiful, im sad that she is not feeling very well, please get better.

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

How very creative and inspiring!

You have such a lovely blog! Thank you for everything you do to support artists!!!

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