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Monday, March 5, 2007

my cupboards' wonderland...

...Like the small Gulliver in the land of the giants, I want to jump right into the magic of my collections and live amongst the odd bits of celebrated found objects, art and memories that are curated by my cabinets, shelves and cupboards. There, scale turns dizzy in beloved vignettes, where the odd bit of scrap paper can harbor value beyond gold, and mementos of days gathering curiosities now endure the gracious patina of time.
The hutches, perches and wee nooks of my home somehow harness the magic of my collections...they make enchanting showcases of wonderful textures. I find treasured and special items, many that were dear in price, are all the more fascinating over time. What was wrought by the hands with love and care holds my interest still...though often required to make room for new goodies that invariable require a post in the growing displays!! In my bedroom, Brides and their shy Grooms make friends old and new on plates by Jill Shcaefer and wish boxes by Ashley Carter.

Here are gal pals Judy (mum to talented Nicole Bowen see the wee cupcake doggie she cradles along with a Jill Kenny teddy), Susan a long time doll friend and great gal pal extraordinaire Dawn strutting their favorite goodies in my bedroom. Thanks again to Nicol Sayre for the fabulous gift of the Alice doll Susan shows off! I have a long time love affair with Alice in Wonderland, and cannot resist her charms and utter scattered whimsy.
Along the tour we started on this BLOG yesterday, here is a favorite Alice painting from a whimsy box that hangs in my bedroom. This original work sprung from the imagination and hands of the lovely and talented Stacey Bear...her Momentos realm is fascinating. When I see a new batch of Stacey's work I become intoxicated and beg my home to grow more walls like some odd abode from "Wonderland".
...and as some unknown someone urged the curious Alice, "drink this"
xxoo Jen


Diane Duda said...

had to take a closer look at nicole's alice doll...beautiful. i've seen nicole's picture on a few blogs over the last few days and can't help but notice that many of her dolls have the same soft features that she herself has. i love that!

i'll be back to see all of your lovely treasures!

Ulla said...

so good to know you are an Alice lover too! Such magic in your friendships!

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