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Monday, March 5, 2007

...home sweet creative home

 homes are our castles where we rule with style and abandon. Filled with memories, friends (look at these fabulous gals!) and love...and dare we say...some, or the sum of many, treasured objects. The door to my home opens so many times... to let in friends, boxes of treasures from artists, new ideas, and simply fresh air.

I love Jo Packham's book "Where Women Create"....I treated myself to a copy last fall and devoured every favorite chapters were of course on Debbee Thibault and Jill Schwartz...

...and it got me to thinking...where do I create? Well, I have a ramshackle desk here in my kitchen at #7 (immortalized by Lisa Kaus in the multi-media piece above...) There sits the hot-rod of a laptop on a counter above one very messy drawer...truth be told. From this humble perch I run my little Earth Angels big studio for me, sad to say. But, my entire home is my playground, with an ever changing seasonal palette and displays. Visit once and on the second trip don't expect to see the same things in the same migrates floor to floor, paintings change walls like I change shoes, powder-rooms don fresh paint overnight...nevermind the little vignettes that dot the hutches, cupboards and shelves.
This is where and how I create, unwind and and around my HOME...Ulla has suggested I open the door to my home and take you all on tour through the for more entries on displays and rooms that celebrate my personal style, and collections. And yes, please do send your images of home, and where you create so I can share them too.

I thrive on the ideas and new things, new energy and new I am loving BLOG land...thanks to Diane Allison for the help this morning. (Diane, Paul is trying to roll me over to the new BLOGGERS version where I can create links to all my Earth Angels artists...thanks to all of you for your patience.)

...rememeber...Home is where the heart sings. - Bonnie Taylor Talbot
xxoo Jen


jenny holiday said...

Ohhh What a fabbb post!! ohh and the photos!! Such an incredible world you have! Such happy faces!!Ohh and your gallery of a staircase has me lightheaded!! : )

Aaron and I would LOOOVE to come to your next show! Is it open to the public? I spent a good portion of my childhood in Cornwall New York...not far from Warwick!! We'd love to make the trip!

Best Best Wishes Jen!!
You are truly dazzling!
xoxo Jenny

Ulla said...

Wonderful Jen! Can't wait to see more!!! What a staircase of art!!! And I really love the top photo!

Kathrine said...

Hello Jen,

Kathy here. Wow! You blog like you have blogged all your life!

Love it!!!

faerie window said...

Jen, what a great post. I could spend all day in your entry hall gazing at the Mudcakes. Lovely. Congratulations on the article in Country Living magazine, after visiting 3 stores I finally got my hands on a copy.

Christe' said...

what a lovely place your new blog is to visit,Jen. I've enjoyed reading through everything and seeing all the wonderful lovelies made by your dear friends and of course, those happy smiling faces.
Your home looks so inviting & the beckoning glimpses of the treasures on the stairway walls begs me to be invited in.
May I come for a visit?

ArtsyMama said...

I love this post and feel exactly the same about ones home being their playground. Fanstastic!! I just posted today about my creative "studio space" and lo and behold, it has already changed since I took the picture this morning!!! Can't wait to see more pictures of your creative abode and plan to share more of mine as well. Please visit me over at

patty van dorin said...

Ulla has the best ideas, can't wait for more of the tour.

Jackie said...

Very inspiring! I create on my dining room table and have shelves of wool and fabric in the dining room. We're adding on to our house and I'll get a studio room, but my husband teases me that I'll still probably end up in the dining room! Chaos and clutter!

Tammy said...

Oooooh, I love Jo Packham's book, too! It's so funny that you bring it up now, because I just re-introduced myself to it last week. I spent two evenings studying every exquisite page.

Can't wait to see more corners of your world. xoxotammy

ShoezyCakes said...

Super pictures!! There's no greater delight than gorgeous art! :)

Rosemary said...

oh wow! I can't wait to see more of your home!!! That staircase is amazing! WHo is the artist of all the paintings? Now I"m off to drool at your website :)

deb said...

You can't tease us with a few photos and then not post in two weeks. HA! :) Hope you're having fun!

ShoezyCakes said...

Jen, you guys should check out the Polka dot pixie Her work is so spectacular, so Earth Angels!! Had to come back and mention that after seeing her new pics today :D

FrenchGardenHouse said...

what a great post...with fabulous photos. You know we would all love to see more and more!

I adore Jo's book, and just love each and every creative space!!
Your staircase is inspiring!
thanks for sharing.

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