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Saturday, March 10, 2007

...have you had a day like this?

 of those milk for the coffee - 5:04 am, chocolate syrup spattering on the floor - 7:18am, annual appointment with the tax man at 11:00am, and a 20 year high school reunion at 7:30 tonight in Queens...ugh
...and me, ever ebullient, has a dented armor today, tarnished with the tiny troubles that I reached into the red chest that sits in the front hall, that cheery red chest that we found antiquing in Vermont (you know the one that almost didn't fit in the car, when Micah almost left me on roadside after an hour trying to load it in the hot sun, with the little ones meandering around the gravel lot...) well, THAT cheery, cherry red chest holds all our pictures...I reached in and blindly pulled out a stack (they will be in order someday, it's my goal for my 5oth birthday some 12 years out....)

The stack of was friends playing with my kids here at the house. Ro, you are always the designated family photographer...that's why we just had to adopt you. And Lisa, you party girl, you always look fab even with our mayhem around you. And look, there's Robin and Denny the couple of the century...ooohh I wish these were I am off to the digital files to see what I can share...

Here they are...found some. Our porch seems the best perch in the colder weather we are all about the kitchen of course, but as soon as the air warms us, we are on the porch, living half way between the house and the yard, and that is where my friends gather. We have pots and pots of tea, tropical girl drinks when the mood strikes us, while the kids play in the yard. We watch the odd car pass by and here we are on our porch having fun...

Hi to Ro, Heidi and Jody, here's my sister Roseanna, Nicol and Stacey....and there's Pat and Leslie, oh here's Laurie and her Tasie with Jill, Niole, Nanci, Jodi, two Lisas, Danielle, Judy...what days, what friends.... ahh...I am feeling so much better...Do your friends do the trick every time? Mine do, as do the wonderful memories.

Now, if i can only face all those old faces at tonight's event....hmmm well I am going mostly for curiosity's sake...will I still be afraid of the girls who sneaked cigarettes in the bathroom on East Bottom? I went to the largest private high school in the US of A. Yep, St Francis Prep which perches on the LIE in Queens. Run around the building 2x and it's a mile, this place was huge, so were the egos, the offerings and the possibilities (do you watch HBO's "Entourage"?)...but I barely remember it seems so far away... so are the faces in the yearbook...but the ones on my porch are bright and beautiful!

Friendships cultivated in the real world with shared loves, not just circumstances. Such a treat to have real friends, true friends, fun friends, old friends, new friends...

...and I just went to call my friend Diane Allison, she's already up and working this morning, but I cannot use the phone. My "adorable" 20 monther, Rory, decided to dump it into the sink last night. It, of course, landed in the pot that was soaking...ahhh of those days...I will take them all with my friends to cheer me.

xxoo Jen
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cabin fever said...

Hi Jen-
As always I am enjoying your blog, especially love seeing the pictures of dear friends and dear household items! It is such a creative show!!!

Have fun at the reunion - you will LOVE it!!!


Gina said...

Thanks for the pictures...brings back fun memories of your wonderful parties and good times. Have a GREAT time at the reunion.

Ulla said...

Nothing better than a porch full of friends! Hope your reunion went well!

constance said...

Hope you had fun at your reunion. Good for you for going especially on such an action packed day!!

Christine said...

it's all so wonderful,the sights and glimpses into your world, Jen...smiling friends on your porch, one of my most favorite things.
I hope you had such a great time at your reunion...
about those pictures being in organized when you are 50...well...I hope you do better than I kids wouldn't know what to do with an actual album full of pictures, they learned to love digging through the chest of drawers and the old shoebox full of pictures much better.
thank goodness.

Paul said...

What are you doing blogging at 4am!

And you were down on the Island and did not call ? Not too sweet :)

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