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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Do YOU wear art?

So you love it, you collect it, you make it, you admire it, you enjoy it, and you share it. You hang it on walls, sit it on shelves, and let it adorn your heart and home. But, do you wear it? Do you show the world your love of pretty, whimsical and artful handmade things? Do you make each day more your own through the expressive donning of artful baubles?

I must admit to decorating myself each day like a cheerfully bedecked Christmas tree. While I feel my wardrobe choices are often limited by the need to dress for battle...I am chasing 3 little ones all day...I never hold back on the accessories. Bangles, big rings, and the pin on my omnipresent denim jacket...these artful pieces of jewelry make me, feel like me, no matter the day, what I wear, or what I might be up to. Party clothes or play clothes, the art goes with me!

Here's the vintage candelabra in my master bath, it begs me to try a new necklace each day. My bracelets nestle in an old valise, and my rings and earrings in big chipped bowls. It's a grab 'n go, free for all of texture and color. Felt, metal, fantastic plastic, big beads, little beads, chains, odd bits of yesterday, all are ready to festoon!
My beloved dress form, affectionately referred to as "Margarette", was made famous by her recent appearance in the March 2007 issue of "Country Living". I think she looks as good as she did when she was made in 1905. It must be the Elements jewelry!
Can you tell I adore Lynsey Walters? How can I not feel good when I wear her happy felt creations. They remind me of her cheerful spirit...ahh, I could listen to that Scottish accent all day...And here's Ulla when we first met at "Halloween & Vine". I fell in love with her and her jewelry at the same time! My first piece from Ulla's hands was a wonderful reliquary pendant/pin entitled "hocus pocus". Look I was wearing a necklace by Nicole Bowen that caught her eye too!
Of course I am thrilled Stacey Bear has started to make jewelry too, as has Leslie McCabe. Each creating in their signature style, but in miniature wearable form!

So many of you asked about my 20 Year High School was very interesting, to say the least. And as I dressed...thinking of all the wonderful friends in my life today...I decided to take them with me. I wore a necklace by Dara DiMagno, a ring from Jill Schwartz, and bracelets by Lynsey Walters. These pieces were like touchstones for me...the dress was red, though fairly plain and tailored, but it was the jewelry that made me feel good and like the evening might just be fun after all. Each piece meant something to me, as do the hands that made them...
So do you wear art? Do you have handmade jewelry languishing in a box? Go ahead, play dress up just for yourself. Feel fabulous, glamorous, and fun. Make memories, bedeck yourself, bedazzle and adorn with jewelry, be beautiful...

Wear Art, Eat Cake, Have Fun
xxoo Jen
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mosaic queen said...

I don't wear enough art. I guess I'm always so busy making art that I don't take the time to wear art. Today that changes! :-)

Ulla said...

Jen! Thank you so much for adding me to your post! What an enviable collection of jewels you have... I love that you talk of them as friends... we create as a circle of women and it makes sense that the art is collected as a group... You are a real treasure! Hugs...

Doreen said...

Great post.....I love allllll the great jewelery's fantastic....Your site is wonderful.

Best wishes

constance said...

Fun to see the picture of you and Ulla together in your 'Holloween and Vine' attire. I'm lucky enough to have one of her bracelets. It's my new favorite!

Diane Duda said...

Now that you mention it, my jean jacket is looking a bit naked!
(I think I'm going to hold off on the "eat cake" until after MY 25th reunion in August, though). ;)

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