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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

...a peek at the Fair...thanks Atlanta!

It's always hard to catch up after a major event...
I have boxes, inventory and packing supplies everywhere, not to mention mounds of dirty laundry and correspondence to return...

But I love our events. All made possible by the efforts of so many...
 A peek at the pictures reminds me how very grateful I am to all those who made it possible...
thanks Laura and Megan
thanks Lucy
thanks Teresa
thanks Letty
and thanks Sue
...and of course...thanks Blythe for being a wonderful shopper and spokesmodel! she is with her fave #CLfairfinds

xxoo to all of you for another amazing event

...and keep en eye on the events page for what's next for the Art Girls' RoadShow...we've got an appearance in NJ on Sunday, 13th at 
Rose Petal Porch...
Please join us! 
Details for all of our events are HERE

xxoo Jen 

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