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Monday, March 14, 2016

...will I see you in Round Top? excited to share the news of the 
Where Women Create Reunion 
that's been scheduled for 
Round Top's Spring Antiques Week.

I will be making a very short trip to be a part of the events hosted by my friend & boss, Jo Packham...
I love Jo...and I love working for her as a contributor to her magazines. It's become a big part of my own journey, and I am grateful to her and all of the many women with whom I have been able to work.

It's going to be a special treat for me to step out 
(on my 47th birthday - woo hoo) 
to be a part of the gathering she has planned...

On Monday, 3/28...

Thanks in advance to my gal pals Holly Kuhn, 
Gina Galvin, Sandra Evertson, Tara Royer Steele, and Celeste Shaw for encouraging me to leave the work behind for a few days and make the time to be with them and share...without them, this journey would not be possible...
Hope to see some of you there at these events!
xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Christie Jones Ray said...

I'm so thankful your girl friends insisted...and I'm so thankful you said yes! Meeting you that night, was a highlight, and being a part of the chorus line of gals singing happy birthday to you, was an honor!
Looking forward to seeing you soon, dearest new friend!

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