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Monday, February 8, 2016

...leaning and sharing...thanks Where Women Create: BUSINESS...

Everytime I write for Jo Packham's magazines, 
I am working to share what I learn, 
but in doing so, I learn too.

In the recent issue of 
Jo invited me to share my expertise on 
"pricing handmade" based upon my 
career as a  small business consultant,
my experience with community economic development and, of course, 
in selling handmade via Earth Angels Studios...

 As I researched the piece, I was reminded that the industry of handmade has never been a more vibrant part of the small-business economy than it is today...

The piece is laden with info and a model on how actually to price handmade goods, 
as well as tips and more...

Confidence in what you make adds value. 
Acknowledge the worth in what you create, 
price it to sell (with this model), and grow your business...

If you are part of the handmade industry, I would encourage you to pick up this issue...

...not just to take a gander at my piece, 
but for the info rich and inspiring content 
that's tucked among the pages.

It's my favorite issue yet, and I learned a ton from reading through it...and will return to it again and again for tips, know-how and raw inspiration...

Thanks Jo again for including me, and sharing your world with all of us.

xo Jen

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