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Monday, December 7, 2015

....a classic tale can be re-written...The Little Match much the better!

The Little Match Girl.

You know...I never really liked the ending of this story...
It's the first story that I can remember reading that actually made me cry.  

The world was bitter and lonely for her...
and I just could not reckon with her death.

I am forever thankful to Annette Petersen, founding artist of Wee Forest Folk, for revisiting the story and making it her own with a much better... 
and happier ending.

The "Little Match Girl" is Annette's most recent 96 this talented artist has exercised her wisdom and artist's prerogative to rewrite the story...

 ...and to share her fresh interpretation with her hands...

 ...we are sharing it here:

The Little Match Girl
as retold by Annette Petersen

Our Little Match Girl has appeared from the past, and perhaps we can reintroduce her with a more merciful ending?

On a very bitter Christmas Eve she was sent to the streets to sell matches so that her desperately poor family could have some food and fuel. The poor child was forced to burn those very matches in order to keep from freezing, those none were sold - alas!

The reformed Mr. Scrooge upon finding our Match Girl, brought her to his warm home for both nourishing broth and comfort.  Intending to prove his change of heart and make amendments, Scrooge provided her family with a truly wonderful Christmas dinner with all the delicious trimmings.

We hope you and your family also enjoy the comforts of Christmas...
 You can see more pictures of this sweetie on our site where 
she is available to order for $94...
FREE shipping on her and all Wee Forest Folk 
with code MouseExpress at checkout.

 Thank you Annette for all the joy you are an inspiration...
I adore you and your style! And respect your talent and many contributions to the handmade community.

xxoo Jen

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