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Monday, November 2, 2015

artful entrepreneur Clare Jordan...nice news

...I had so much fun with my column for the November issue of Where Women Create...
Thanks to Jo Packham for mailing it all possible and thanks and congrats to Clare Jordan for honoring me with the opportunity to share her wonderful business journey in my "Business of the Studio" column...

Clare you amaze me! 

 The entire issue is a such a great read...'ll have to nab a copy of the mag to read Clare's entire story...and there are so many other fab features in this issue... one of my faves to date!

You can catch more of a view of Clare's art 

Earth Angels is a retailer for her curios, baubles and cheeky buttons 
...these are usually our biggest hit 
at The Country Living Fairs!

Thanks again Jo & CONGRATS CLARE!!!

xxoo Jen

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