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Monday, February 9, 2015

hello Monday and hello HOMEGIRL aka...what do cool knee socks have to do wiht all this anyway!?!

..hello Monday posts are something I have been doing for some time now linking up with my friend Lisa Leonard and her fab-u-lous blog...feel free to leave your BLOG link in a comment...
how about some hellos...
Hello are snowing on me again....
this is getting like a bad habit....the no school thing.

Hello kids at home. 
Yep, that's right...they have not had a full week of school since MID-DECEMBER!!!

Hello snow days...
Hello delayed openings...
Hello soggy boots and mittens everywhere...
I think we forget how to do Mondays around here, and lately Mother Nature has really had a bad attitude about the getting up and getting us going...
but not much you can do.

So time for another cuppa and a good read of the latest issue 
 This is the latest from editor in chief...Jo Packham....
and it might be my very favorite issue yet! Really.

...And I was thrilled to be able to feature talented Gina Bishop in my "Business of the Studio" column. Gina and I met years and years ago when she admired my knee socks. Yes, this is a true story. 

Hello happy meetings and hello wonderful socks, I owe you one for bringing Gina into my world. She's smart and spunky and the recent attention on her Homegirl barn sales is well-deserved!!!

Hello calendar, I need to fit in a trip to Hudson, Ohio!!!

 Here's a little peek at some of the pages on Gina...grab the new issue and read all about how she's turned her passion for decor and junking into a business...she has quite the story to tell.
Hello to saying where there's a will, there's a way...Gina has shown us that.

Hello to finding your passion and sharing it.

Hello to you this week...are you snowed in?

xxoo Jen

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