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Monday, October 13, 2014

hello Monday & WOOT WOOT

.....hello Monday! 
I am ready for this new week with some wonderful news to share.

I love when editors contact me to feature artists and products and a more in depth look at the art I treasure and sell.

A big thanks to Editor Jickie Torres of Cottages & Bungalows magazine...
...she's featured three Earth Angels artists among her pages this month 
and I am so proud and excited to share this with you...

Hello to nice news, nice press and sharing good things.

 Here's Magda and her art...
And in the spooky chic shopping and style section, you can spot Ashley Carter's Goldbug and Stacey Bear's original painting...

Thanks to these wonderful editors and HELLO APPRECIATION...
you are a wonderful thing to share.

Hello to Halloween...that candy-happy holiday is not to far off and it's major talk on the costumes in our house!

Hello emails...I am so far behind in correspondence it is crazy!!

Hello to all of you and hope you have a super week...leave some hellos in the comments section -- feel free to link to your blog -- and tell us what you are up to...

xxoo Jen

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