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Monday, September 1, 2014

hello Monday...hello September...

...hello Monday and time to take a peek at the week...
there's big doings here getting ready for the start of school, the crush of the impending schedule and the fall events of the Art Girls's RoadShow.

I am sad the summer is always goes too quickly. But we did fit in the fun and the adventures and the family time, and I am grateful.

So hello to the new season that's afoot!
I am working on the fall events, fall plans, fall...fall...fall.
Hello fall events. Catch the details HERE...

Hello to all of you and sure hope to see you when we are in OH, GA & CA...

Hello fall themed ads....

 Hello to looking ahead to cooler fall colors...holidays and more.

 This is my favorite of the new ads you'll see in some of my fave magazines (Where Women Create, PRIMS, Romantic Homes, 
Cottages & Bungalows, Vintage Holidays and more)....

I love all the coolness after the heat of the past few months.

Hello to you! have a super week

Sure hope I see you some of you when 
we are out there this fall at these big gatherings! 

xxoo Jen

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