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Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello Monday...hello color hello!

 Hello Monday....hello pretty spring time things...what a treat to have color and art around me cheering me on while I play catch up, 
meet deadlines and face some tricky scheduling challenges! 

Hello new week...I am ready for you!
 What a treat it was to pass through Sanford, FL and the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery on our way back from an annual visit to Disney...and who was there? Someone I have wanted to meet for sometime. 

Theresa Disney...such talent, such style. 
Her paintings make me happy and it was a true treat to see her work.
I love watching an artist create.

 Hello simple lines and colors.

 Hello to things in work...something so interesting about an unfinished piece.
 Hello Monday...
Hello happy colors and spring flowers.
Hello happy art.
Hello happy kids -- we needed that vacation.
Hello spring sports and busy days at the fields.
Hello getting through a ton of paperwork and chores...never done never done...

Hello new friends...
Hello to you all.
Have a super week whatever you are up to.
xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Anne Campbell said...

What a colorful way to start the week! How fun!

~Stopping by from Lisa's Hello Monday:)

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