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Monday, April 14, 2014

hello Monday, hello peek at where we've been (TEXAS) and oh my where are we going!

Hello Monday.
It seems like I am still running on the inspirational vapors and fumes from my recent trip to Round Top with artist friends Letty Worley and Laurie Meseroll. we attended the "Grand TEXAS Opening" of Holly Kuhn's new venue for her renown decor and antique shop "Old Glory Antiques".

It was an amazing trip...a challenge for sure to do so much in so little time. To travel, set up and be gone in just 72 hours. But I am so glad we did it. 
It was wonderful to get some quality time with Jo Packham and so many of the amazing women she gathers through her community for food, art and business magazines. It was amazing to work with Holly Kuhn. And Texas and the event, well I loved it all. THANK YOU HOLLY! Just look at her new space...and the amazing things she sells...

And while there were loads of photos posted to Instagram and Facebook, I wanted to share a few here on the BLOG....of Holly's space, our showcase, and what it was like for us to be there...

So hello Monday and hello taking a peek at where we were, and thinking about all the adventures this crazy business has brought my way.

Hello to being able to work with friends, to learn from them, and to make it work.
Hello to trying something new, this was the first time we could make it to Texas and it was wonderful to be a part of the grand Spring Antiques Week phenomenon.

 Our display was in the front two's a peek...


And some of my fave new arrivals....


I am already looking forward to next Spring.

Hello BBQ, yes we had some really good food while we were there.
( I really need to wait 'til next Spring for BBQ that good and that dinner at Royer's was the tops!)

And speaking of spring, we're doing our Spring Cleaning and inventory this week. Did you catch the 15% OFF sale with SPRINGCLEAN at checkout???

 Hello much to do! And then some more!
Hello new art to post to the site...hello taking photos and more photos of all there is to share.

Hello to Laurie and Letty -- they did an amazing job and worked so did Oliver, thanks for all you did to make the trip possible!

Hello old friends, hello new glad we found you both in Texas. Hello Gina, Hello Celeste, Hello Lori, Hello Ki, Hello Sandy!

Hello to all of you...and have a super week.

xxoo Jen


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